From: United Kingdom

Rock, Pop

Christopher Wheat is a top international recording artist from the United Kingdom. In addition to being a Lead Singer he is Managing Director and Founder of He also is an alumni of Cass Business School in the United Kingdom, where he gained his MBA and also a graduate Mechanical Engineer from the University of Toronto in Canada.

Christopher's most recent release is the album "Limehouse Songs" (released: January 7, 2015) which includes the the hits "California Dreamin'" and "Loves Me Like A Rock". The album is currently available worldwide on Amazon Digital Music and iTunes.

In 2007 Christopher started, a site devoted to the Sustainability of the Planet. There were many trials and tribulations associated with starting a News Media business to save the Planet which took their toll on Christopher's Health, much of it due to other sites redirecting theirearth's content to their own URL's/Sites for their own self-interest.

Christopher has launched initiatives associated with the protection of Copyright, Business Revenue, and IP Content on the Internet in the British House of Commons with Members of Parliament. Christopher is absolutely in agreement with Taylor Swift who has said that Music and the Arts need to be paid for as they are valuable in themselves and only through payment to the Artist can they be sustained.

His first album "Breaking the Waves"was released on November 22, 2013 - includes the tracks One, Tears in Heaven, and Looks Like We Made It. All three songs have been very well received on the worldwide recording charts, with "Tears in Heaven" do very well in the United Kingdom and "One" very popular in the United States.

Christopher said recently in an interview, "One of the most important aspects in developing my music is the response and feedback I get from my Fans. It is really rewarding for me to hear that they like what I am doing. The fans tell you whether they like a song or not sometimes have an idea of what sounds good in the Recording Studio, but the Fans are the real judges. I have gained so much from their involvement in this process!"

Of his recent trip to the Recording Studio, Christopher said, " I wanted to test a few songs out as demos. I particularly like John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" so we tested the vocals on this as a demo track... I put it up on Jango as I am really looking for the fan's feedback on this track ...whether to invest in it some more with a full day in the Studio."

He said about live performances, "I need to develop my Act for touring with some songs I have written with others. Everything will happen. I just don't need to rush it because that becomes stressful and not what music is about. I have learned all too well not to push the boundaries of Time".

About, "What I did with the Site in 2007 was correct. I started it cause I knew what was required. It took its toll on me, but saving the Planet was absolutely essential and pushing the agenda was what was needed and is still needed. The Human Being can cause absolute devastation or incessant good and the latter path is where most of us need to be headed - even more so now. There are some legal issues that need to be resolved by caused by systemic theft of the Company's IP, Content and Brand. Christopher said, "It isn't retribution - I must progress these issues in to a resolution purely from a commercial perspective. It is a quid pro quo for sustained damages brought to bear against Much like we must address Climate Change for this Planet, we must tackle systemic theft of Copyright to the nth degree for Humanity - there is no basis for Creation without respect for human achievement."

In 2011 what we saw from one Internet Search Company in particular - their indexing/rebranding of can you believe 25 million copies of copied Internet content on one aggregator site URL and their sending keyword search to this specific URL packed with Ads rather than to the real owners of the images on origination URL's was just the absolute of greed, especially as this revenue capture decision impacted intellectual property content absolutely, our revenue model completely, and my health significantly. And I just couldn't believe this was happening to a site I founded to help the Planet"

On President Trump, Christopher believes "just as President Obama determined the Planet is in bad shape, I believe Trump will also come to this realization. The United States has shown strong leadership recently in leading efforts to tackle pollution and promote clean energy. I know that Donald Trump loves the Environment and that he will find that to be a successful President, he will have to go well beyond what President Obama did for this Planet to advance its sustainability"