Chris Godber
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From: FL, United States

Genre: Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Jazz

Chris Godber [God – brrr] is a saxophonist, producer and multi instrumentalist from Panama City, Florida. He plays soprano, alto and tenor saxophones in addition to the piano, keyboards, and acoustic guitar.

Chris's latest album “My Offering” is his 4th album to date garnering praise and reviews the world over. Scott O'Brien from says "If you’ve ever wondered what Kenny G would sound like if he kicked it up a notch, then you need to listen to this guy play”. Patrick Van de Wiele of Smo…

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    Sizzle - Chris Godber
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    Chill - Chris Godber
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    Rain - Chris Godber
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    Courageous - Chris Godber
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    Chris Godber LIVE @ Perfect Note
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    Chris Godber LIVE @ Seabreeze Jazz Fest
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