Chellcy Reitsma
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From: MT

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, blues, folk

“if any artist has the capacity to inspire change, it’s Chellcy Reitsma."

- A&R Factory

Chellcy Reitsma is new to the music scene but not to the stage; a true artist in every capacity. Based in Malta the Dutch-American former dancer-choreographer originally from California, USA; began her musical journey in 2015 after a multitude of dance injuries forced her to find a new passion. Since her first single release in 2016, she is now a full-time singer-songwriter, visual artist and poet. 6 single releases…

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  1. Cross the Line

  2. Black Water

  3. She-man

  4. Vixen

  5. Desolate Days

  6. The Rain

  7. New Music Coming Soon by Chellcy - Black Water EP

  8. Bad Love (lyric video)

  9. The Garden lyric video
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Massachusetts, United States

Massachusetts, United States

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Vancouver Canada
Friday, November 22, 2019
Black Water is a song that you hear from the inside out.