Catman Cohen

From: CA, United States

Genre: Rock, Indie, Rock Musical Theater

Catman Cohen is the controversial and mysterious shadow musician who sings in a deep bullfrog voice and performs duets with she-males, Emos, Goths, Suicide Girls, Jewish rappers, Latin choirs, dancing violinists, and other offbeat types. He released four CDs containing a variety of political songs and, despite his relatively low profile, managed to antagonize the music industry establishment with his unorthodox and outspoken approach.

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    Catman Cohen -- Fireworks Hill
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    Catman Cohen - London
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    Catman Cohen - Father You Believed (IglesiasVocal)
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    Catman Cohen - ZERO
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    Catman Cohen - Prayer for America
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    Catman Cohen - Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover)
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    Catman Cohen - How I Want to Die
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    Catman Cohen - Fluffle-O
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Defartist sm
Monday, August 11, 2014
Love your stuff - have been collecting it from random sources - one of the most interesting musicians ever - thanks for doing this.