From: Canada

Pop, Rock

The musician, Cassie Steele, has been writing and recording songs for more than a decade now and still hard at it. From her first release, “Prayer,” 2003, used nationally to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and bringing Cassie’s musical abilities to the fore leading to the darker 2004 song "Things That God Cannot Explain". Although written in the same year, Cassie's hard hitting successful debut album "How Much For Happy" was not released until March 2005 with the Canadian tour in June. More recently we've heard the transitional sounds in "Destructo Doll". The love song “You and I”, stunningly honest and simple in it's beauty until the voice turns, well, Steeley, as Cassie ups the volume and rocks hard with a wild abandon on “Groupie,” “Check It,” and “Go Dark,”. Cassie masterfully showcases the nuances of her voice within the singles, "Life Is A Show", "Something Sexy" and "Pavement". Currently the insanely high energy act "KaraMel" is keeping Cassie focused in the studio and at rehearsals - check out their new video "Underwear" and get ready for what is sure to be an unforgettably fun debut album release later this year. Cassie's passion for rock is kicking up again too as she reflects life experiences of a wise-beyond-her-years solo. Check out the sneak peaks of Cassie's new songs "Grain" and "Jerry" on her You Tube-CassieSteeleTV Not surprisingly though, Cassie is most looking forward to getting on the road and showing off all her new music in a live setting, (along with everything that the touring life brings with it).