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World, R & B , Out of Box

The Many Moods of Charles "Carlos" Middleton,Sr.

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Carlos hails from the "Windy City" of Chicago, Illinois. Since early age, he was interested in music. Throughout his secondary school years, he was a member of the boys chorus, junior and senior A Capella choirs, and the male quartet-a group that performed modern harmony style songs. He was an original member and lead singer of the Enchanters, a high school Doo-Wop singing group that performed in shows throughout Chicagoland area. For a short while, he was lead singer for The Montclares. Although he loved being involved in the Chicago music scene, Carlos felt a higher calling, which was to serve his country. He joined the United States Air Force and served over 20 years, completing his tour of duty as a commissioned officer with the rank of major. Carlos holds three degrees of higher learning and is a graduate of the University of Albuquerque and Air Force Institute of Technology. After military service, he was trained as a volunteer certified mediator and arbitrator for which he once again wanted to serve and help his community. Carlos, is a poet, songwriter, vocalist, music and video producer who uses each of those media to express his many moods and talents. Thus, a clear indication in which he refuses to be placed in one genre category or in a specific box. Carlos is an avid Tweeter and Blogger as well.