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Care were a New Wave band formed by Paul Simpson and Ian Broudie in 1983 in Liverpool, England.


Paul Simpson is the vocalist of The Wild Swans, whose songs include the 1981 single "The Revolutionary Spirit". Simpson has said that the Care single "Whatever Possessed You" was originally written by him as a Wild Swans song. An album was recorded but has never been released. The singles "Whatever Possessed You," "Flaming Sword" (a top 50 single in the United Kingdom in 1983) and "My Boyish Days" were released by Camden in 1997 on a compilation album entitled "Diamonds and Emeralds", which also included the duo's B-sides, unfinished demos and tracks intended for Love Crowns and Crucifies..

According to Allmusic, the Care developed a cult following in Japan and the Philippines (where the Care's songs were more popular than they were in their native England), which kept the group's memory alive.

The band broke up in 1985 after the departure of Simpson.


Upon leaving the Care, Simpson re-formed The Wild Swans and released two albums "Bringing Home the Ashes" (1988, Sire) and "Space Flower" in 1989. Space Flower reunited Broudie and Simpson, with Broudie producing the album and playing guitar. Simpson performed under the moniker Skyray from 1996 to 2006; He re-formed The Wild Swans in 2008 to critical acclaim.

Ian Broudie went on to form The Lightning Seeds in the late 1980s, releasing a string of albums which spawned hit singles like "Pure", "Change", "Sugarcoated Iceberg", "Life of Riley", and "You Showed Me". Now solo, Broudie released his first album, "Tales Told", in 2004.