From: United States

Pop, Hip Hop, Rhythm/Crossover/Top 40

Sexy, edgy, urban, and sophisticated are just a few words that describe singer, songwriter, and lyricist Candi Lynn. As music’s newest up-and-coming artist, Candi Lynn’s unique blend of hip-hop, pop, Rock-N-Roll, and R&B has given this hip-pop princess an organic and rejuvenated sound that has secured her a spot as one of the industry’s freshest faces to hit the scene.

Candi Lynn was born in 1988 in the midst of some of hip-hop culture’s most defining moments. The songstress’s home life was the breeding ground for her eclectic style of music, but the young vocalist’s childhood was anything but picture perfect. As the daughter of an abused mother, Candi Lynn and her family bounced from hotel to women’s shelter before finally settling in southern New Jersey. There, Candi Lynn found solace in the music blaring from her mother’s kitchen radio and the boom-boxes of the Jersey Shore, drawing inspiration from such legendary artists including Alanis Morissette, LL Cool J, TLC, Pink, and the Beatles, just to name a few.

Over the years, this passion for musical authenticity transformed into talent and in the spring of 2004, Candi Lynn’s mother urged her to participate in a Philadelphia nightclub open mic night that hosted a dense hip-hop crowd. After wowing the audience, both Candi Lynn and her mother jumped full throttle into the music industry, creating the independent music label Ill Miss Musick in 2008 and over the next few months Candi Lynn co-wrote and recorded 15 tracks for her debut 2009 album ILLMissBehavin, produced by Chris “The Hitman” Conway, marking the first release for the Ill Miss Musick label.

ILLMissBehavin delivers tracks that merge the sounds of hip-hop, pop, and Rock-N-Roll, presenting the world with a new-age type of album full of fun and infectious party songs with radio and club-friendly hits. Title tracks include “Why” and the lead single, “Hey Gurl.” Yet, it is no surprise that the dynamite vocalist had no fear in recording songs with both political and social messages, such as “No More War” and “Find Your Place.” One important track that is close to the songstress’ heart, “Look to the Sky”, symbolizes her family’s continuing faith during their early struggles and hopes to inspire those in similar situations.

The release of ILLMissBehavin has garnered Candi Lynn national attention and she has become a hometown favorite. Aside from performing throughout various venues in Atlantic City, in 2009 Candi Lynn became a mall sensation when she was handpicked by popular East Coast chain fashion store, Mandee, as their go-to entertainer for various in-store appearances, performances and promotional tours.

Candi Lynn currently resides in Long Beach Island, New Jersey and is currently working on her follow up album to ILLMissBehavin, which is currently available on iTunes and in FYE stores nationwide.