Cabela and Schmitt
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From: NE, United States

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Classic Rock, Easy Listening

We are songwriters and wish to share what we've been given with you!

This world of ours has always been filled with good and bad, and we all have the God-given ability to choose how we want to view this world. We hope always that more people will choose to see the world as good. Also, we are all given a voice, in some way or another, to communicate how we see and experience our world. It is our choice how and when to use that voice, and we have chosen to use this website as a voice to expose our thoughts…

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    Who You Are
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    Who Are We
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    In Our Ways
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    Now That You Know
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    Special Kind Of Love
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    You're With Me
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    I Can Be Happy
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    What's Inside
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    Will You Call
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