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From: United States

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, Latin, Political Rap

CTRAFFIK was born and raised in Miami, FL - specifically in the Little Havana area. He is a producer, rapper, graphic designer and all-around freeloader. He self-produced, recorded, mixed and released his 2002 debut album “The BumRush”. He co-founded Tha Union Entertainment in 2003 and released several Mixtapes under that label. He was a radio DJ on 88.1FM and on the Cable TV show “Mun2” as DJ Traffikante. CTRAFFIK currently records mixtapes and is the head bartender at the Lo Life Miami Family events each…

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  • Can't Turn Away - CTRAFFIK & Freenauts

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    CTRAFFIK: Mind Money
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    We Came Up
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    What if Nobody Showed Up to Vote
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    CTRAFFIK: "Freedom"
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    CTRAFFIK: "Bush Crime Family"
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    CTRAFFIK - The Gimmicks prod. by Da Beatminerz
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Melboure Australi…Au
Sunday, November 12, 2017
sick on the low-pro, top-down beats