Brent Look
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From: FL, United States

Genre: Rock, pop

Brent Look "The Ultimate" Is Currently On Tour As The Lead Guitarist With Scott Stapp(Creed Lead Vocalist) and Has Opened Up For Well Know Acts Such AS: Aerosmith,Journey,Heart,Cheap Trick,Loverboy,Sammy Hagar,Violent Femmes,Flo Rida,Sean Kingston,The Gin Blossoms,Aaron Lewis(Stained),Etc.. Toured/Recorded With Such Bands as:Scott Stapp (Currently),The Moods,Ricki Erik,The Brent Look,Raven,Toll Free,Mood,Mood Candy,Prowler,Freewheel,Giovanni and Gene and Has Worked With Numerous Grammy Award Winners.We(Cha…

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