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From: Austria

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Stoner/Blues Rock

Raw sound rocks in your ears. His music drifts between a sound of endless stoner rock and bluesy riffs.

Bones a.k.a. José M. Lopes comes from Marinha Grande, a small industrial town in Portugal. Main focus on his style is rough endless riffs resembling stoner rock, with a bluesy sound united with his deep "smokey" voice. As of now, he is focused on his own sound engineer company, and aside is working on his next single which will be released.

He started making music at the age of 13 but couldn't afford to dedicate him self to his own music all the time so later on he decided to study sound at ORFEÂO De Leiria an Art Conservatory, to have a profession that at least has something to do with Music. This way he could make his own music, create and collaborate on projects or bands like Daisy, ManHateMan, 8RockinShoes, Born A Lion or Lauro Palma with whom he had many live performances across the country in Portugal. Much later he moved to Vienna to work as a sound engineer and additionally continue his own music project as a solo musician. His first Studio Album 'A One Man Band Experience' was released on 30th April, 2015. Currently he is working on his second studio album and is excited to release a single soon this year.

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