From: DC, United States

Hip Hop/Rap, Pop


His name says it all. Bobby is all about that energy that one exudes from their body, whether its with voice or just that aura around him.

His brother Mo Litmon said that Bobby was deadly on the mic like Mark Wahlberg with a sniper rifle in the movie Shooter, but Bobby had swag everywhere he went and with everything he did. So Bobby Swagg was born.

Bobby Swagg brings that swagger to his music too. His debut mixtape, The Launch, which can be downloaded on Hot New is filled with an assortment of smooth love ballads, strong street anthems and club chart toppers, Bobby is an extremely versitle artist and this project The Launch clearly shows that. .Bobby’s songs have great beats in which he manages to find the perfect flow for each and showcase an ability to ride the beat and still be a lyricis. His music is perfect for clubs and perfect for relaxing. Whether its rap or hip-hop, Bobby Swagg has it down, right to the last note.

This next CD will be released in 2013 the date is still TBD

Bobby has recently had music played on Shade 45 Radio, Bobby Swagg also spent 3 months on myspace charts as the #1 Rap, #1 Hip Hop and #3 All Genres music artist in the Washington, DC area on an indie label.