Black Ice (Oakland, California) is a No Wave/Deathrock band formed in 1999 by members of The Phantom Limbs, Stevenson Sedjwick and Skot Brown. Additionally, Sedjwick has played in Factory Of Angst, Bloody Melinda and other bands; while Brown has been a member of Anal Kitties, Oliver Klossoff And The Applicators, and Holy Revolver Society.

Initially, Black Ice concentrated on making music with acoustic instruments, samples, and found sounds that they tweaked and twisted through a myriad of studio effects. Their early music was primarily instrumental and was often used in art performances in and around the SF Bay Area at places like Cell Space in San Francisco and Mungasoland in Oakland.

In 2001 Miss Kel (of Red Voice Choir, Sister Mary Shoelace and Noise Collage) joined the band with lead vocals. 2001 also saw the inclusion of the Black Ice track Departure on the "Charm" motion picture soundtrack (5 rue christine). 2001 also saw the addition of Miss Kel (Sister Mary Shoelace) on vocals. The band, now a three piece, set to work on a four song demo.

Black Ice began by recording a four song demo in March 2002. Later that year, Kevin Brown and Melanie X of Unicorn Stickers joined the group, respectively playing guitar/drums and keyboards. In 2005 they released Terrible Birds on Hungry Eye Records.