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From: MA, United States

R&B, Pop, Rock


Donald "Dee-Man" Poole is BlaKats' beat-master, vocalist, keyboardist, and vocals arranger. Dee is a former band-mate and room-mate of G-Funk’s. He made a big impression on G-Funk with his skill at coaxing stellar performances out of singers, rappers and other musicians. Dee for his part credits G-Funk’s constructive criticism for helping him develop his advanced mixing and production skills. After the band break-up, neither one forgot about the other, so later, when BlaKats sought to boost their drum tracks and vocal arrangements, Dee was the obvious choice. Ever the schemer, G-Funk arranged for Hollywood and Dee to work on some projects, whilst finishing school, at which time the new BlaKats was born!


David "Hollywood" Ely started singing in his father’s church at age five. His first out-of-church singing gig was with his sister Debby. They would charge friends and family five cents for a song, ten cents for special requests. The first time he got paid, he was hooked and knew he had found his calling. He has been singing and entertaining audiences all over the world ever since; previously as lead singer for "Hawkeye", and currently as lead singer, percussionist and spectacular showman for SFTS, "Soul from the Source". Not much else needs to be said about Hollywood except, when you see him in action, you will understand why he is called "Hollywood".


Guitarist and composer, Gilbert "G-Funk" Alipui hails from Ghana in West Africa where he grew up listening to "Highlife" and other poly-rhythmic African music on his parents' old gramophone. His father was a Ghanaian Foreign Affairs official. As a result, he was further exposed to a myriad of musical genres ranging from Cameroonian Makossa, Ethiopian music, Zouk, Zaïrois, Kassave, Classical, Country, Soul, R&B, to Reggae due to his worldwide travel going on postings with his parents. He took up the violin in the Czech Republic after his Egyptian friend introduced him to it. Upon returning to Ghana, all the cool kids in his neighbourhood played either piano or guitar. Never one to lag behind, G-Funk promptly learned a few chords on an old acoustic guitar he found in his parents' storage and formed a band. Thus began G-Funk’s musical career.