From: United Kingdom

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Dark Cabaret, Progressive

Classically inspired, with their own brand of progressive freak-punk, Birdeatsbaby have created a sound that can only be described as “a bunch of spurned Sunday-school teachers exacting their musical revenge“.

The Brighton based quartet have gone from strength to strength since forming in November 2007 – self-releasing their debut album Here She Comes-a-Tumblin’, touring extensively in the UK, Europe and America and creating four stunning and original music videos.

Unlike any other band in sound and appearance, Birdeatsbaby have an almost complete disregard for current musical trends and fashions, encouraging their followers to break away from the norm and share their strange world, where lead singer Mishkin adopts various parodies of society, going from God-fearing sinner to sex-addict to domestic-violence victim, throughout the bizarre but beautiful songs.

Hitchcock-inspired and lyrically indecent, “the birds” are an odd but unforgettable group, working hard to build a direct connection with their fans, sharing their thoughts and passion for original music, both through online social networking and live performance.

Not for everyone’s taste, like strong coffee (or absinthe), the birds are coming to a stage near you…