Beyond The Darkness
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From: Belarus

Genre: Metal, Doom Metal, Death Metal

Beyond the Darkness settled its first official line-up in 2007. The group was experimenting with symphony death-doom and released its EP «Cunabula» in 2009.

Now the musicians consider their style as death-doom again pointing that they would not like to become its hostages. For the band music is primarily a means of self expression, and that’s why «Beyond the Darkness» is trying to create a versatile material, without reference to any stamps. The music of the band nowadays can be described as heavy, mid-t…

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    Beyond the Darkness - Fear's Face (Official Mu…
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    Beyond the Darkness - Short Story (Official Video)
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    Beyond the Darkness - Buio Omega (Official Video)
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    Beyond the Darkness - Avid Hunger (Official Video)
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D55bdc7c9875aa9eb6c5cb6d6209f710 sm
Tuesday, November 07, 2017
great music, clean vocals needs some work with dictation. speed it up a bit.