Benny Charles
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From: CA, US

Genre: R&B, Hip Hop , Christain

About Benny Charles – Super Producer Benny Charles started his music career DJ’ing as part of a newly formed underground style of music on the Chicago south side coined “house music” a genre which originated from a Chicago night club named “The Warehouse”. Benny Charles toured the Chicago south, west, and east side spinning at clubs, block parties, house parties, and any other place that had an electrical outlet with some of house music’s legends; Frankie Knuckles, Farley Keith, Fast Eddie, and Chip E to na…

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  1. Questions

  2. Scream

  3. Caught Up

  4. Shine

  5. Don’t Forget About Me

  6. Benny Charles - Blessed (Official Video)

  7. Benny Charles - Pray For You

  8. Benny Charles - Let Me Know

  9. Perfect

  10. Send A Sign Final

  11. Haven

  12. Benny Charles - Keep On Smiling

  13. Save Some Time
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Friday, December 04, 2020
Your music is amazing