Beaver Road
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From: NJ, United States

Genre: Country, Folk/Americana, Country Rock

Beaver Road is a “new” band that actually goes back many years. The band features Stan Demski and Mitch Schecter, who started making music together in 1973, when they recorded their first demo of songs. Those long-ago sessions started a lifelong musical partnership that has culminated in the creation of the Beaver Road band.

Their two albums “Here We Go Again” and "Once Again" have their roots in Folk Rock, Country Rock, and Americana music. On the albums, Stan and Mitch play many different instruments…

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  1. Beaver Road-Here We Go Again

  2. Beaver Road-The Bushman Dance

  3. Beaver Road-The Land Of The Not Quite Right

  4. Beaver Road In Concert-Walk With Me
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