Barbria DeÁnne
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From: GA, United States

Genre: R&B, Soul, Jazz

Barbria DeÃnne is a born entertainer. As a child, she was surrounded by a harmonious family; all of whom were gifted in their own right, and made beautiful music together.

A vocalist nearly all of her life, Barbria began singing at the ripe young age of three with her three older sisters, the quartet calling themselves The Haynes Sisters. That musical chord runs consistently throughout the family, as Barbria's earliest and strongest influences was her mother, Barbara Darleen Grant-Haynes whose songwriti…

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  • The 24th Night Of December -

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  6. Bernie Mac Tribute - Farewell To A True Friend

  7. It's Still Going On

  8. Star Spangled Banner

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  10. Rest In Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson. Thank You
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