Babylon A.D.
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Rock, Metal, Hard rock

Formed in 1988, Babylon A.D. hail from the San Francisco Bay Area,

California. Original members, Derek Davis vocalist/songwriter, guitarists

and music writers Dan De La Rosa and Ron Freschi, Drummer Jamey

Pacheco and bassist Robb Reid were all in childhood rival bands. In 1989,

Babylon A.D. caught the attention of Arista Records president and industry

music mogul Clive Davis, who signed them at a live showcase in Los

Angeles thanks to their impressive three song demo and a home

made video.

Their sel…

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  1. Babylon A.D. - Bang Go The Bells

  2. Kid Goes Wild - Babylon A.D.

  3. Babylon A.D. - American Blitzkrieg

  4. Babylon A.D. - Hammer Swings Down

  5. Babylon A.D. - So Savage the Heart
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