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From: CA, United States

Metal, electronica, Dubstep

BZ was voted among the top ten best guitarists according to Texas Beat Magazine. He's won Six Emmy's for music he has created for film and TV productions. He is the guitarist for the "Rock Band" game "The End Begins to Rock". BZ is a producer/composer in Oakland, CA whose second CD "BZ 2.0" was recently released and available on iTunes. Currently, it's a one man show where BZ shreds on guitar and plays with a portable ProTools rig for back-up.

BZ has a degree in classical music from the University of Texas at Austin, but despite a classical background, this music rocks! He has some of the songs from the album on all the major TV networks, and tons of songs on several Films and TV shows.

If the iTunes button doesn't work, just look up "BZ", and the first album is called "Reserved", and the new album is called "BZ 2.0"

Overall, a lot of my music has been on platinum selling video game titles and nationwide advertising campaigns.

Enjoy the music!