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From: AZ, United States

Genre: World, New Age, Alternative

B1love.org was born 2013. American Independent publisher creating Independent musicals {music videos}. Every song is for a scene or describes the personality of a character with music instead of words.

Indie publisher creating Indie musicals {music videos}.

Children's Literature; 5N1 {An Epic Adventure of a girl's [Shawanaisha's] past, present, and future lifetimes}. Children’s book series 5N1.

Band Page - http://www.tunecore.com/music/the_metaphysician

1st album - 5N1 FRACTALIOUS WORLD -https://itun…

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  1. Kalidascope Meets Fractalious

  2. 2 Moons & 2 Suns

  3. Turok {Fractal Tiger}

  4. Ratal {Fractal Rat}

  5. Orbenviwits

  6. Nightmare

  7. Hipty Hipty Hop

  8. Hallway

  9. Fractal Families Bad

  10. Fractal Families Good

  11. Galaxy Adventure

  12. Frixie N Illumination

  13. Fractalious

  14. Exterior Landscape

  15. 8th Door

  16. 1st Door 5N1

  17. 2nd Door 5N1

  18. 11th Door 5N1

  19. 5th Door 5N1

  20. Zonakey
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