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From: Norway


Anne Hvidsten (28) is back. After the success with the Album ”Need to Know” (EMI 2004) and the single with the same name, it became silent around her. The last few years she has finished her education, enticipated in the Norwegian version of Eurovision Song Contest, gotten married and had a child. All this has given her inspiration and courage to write a lot of fantastic songs. Anne says she has been living inside a bubble the last few years, and that she is now ready to let the bubble burst and show people what’s inside it.

Her second album is called “The Bubble Burst”. It is a personal album where she writes about life from birth to death – and a lot in between. The lyrics are honest, sometimes brutally honest, and sometimes so personal that Anne considered never releasing the material.

- It is a thin line between the personal and the private. My lyrics are often very personal, but with universal themes so that people can relate to them. I want to write lyrics that touches peoples souls – that makes the listeners cry, provokes them or brings out joy and laughter. That’s why I sometimes have to write my inner most thoughts, Anne says.

Musically Anne Hvidsten new album mixes from several musical styles. Rules have been broken and new sounds and expressions have come to life. With help from Daniel Hauge in ASAF Lydstudio the new album has become a mix of folk pop with a touch of country.It can be pompus, classical, But the music can be close to classical music or music from a beautiful film. And sometimes just simple, with Annes beautiful voice seducing you and telling about the beauty and agonies in life.

Music has always been one of the most important ingredients of Annes life. She has been singing and writing songs since she was a little girl. She has tries a lot of instruments, but ended up with the guitar as her best friend. On “The Bubble Burst” she takes out some of her old friends, and plays the cornet, flute and organ. Anne also has a new friend after one of her childhood dreams came true. Her husband gave her a piano as a gift, and the result is to be heard on the records first cut, “Light the Candle Lights” – a song that is very close to a classical masterpiece.

The joy of writing Anne has always had. That’s also why she took a degree in journalism and marketing.

- It is important to have several options in life. That’s why I chose to finish my education and work a bit. But it is also extremely important to figure out what you really want in your life, and for me it is two success ingredients: My family and my music – and a dragkamp, an eternal longing to do more of both, Anne says.

Anne was signed to EMI when she was 19. Two of the songs from her debut album ware major radio hits (“Disconnection” and “Need to Know”. After the release she played a lot of concerts, and is now looking forward to playing to her audience again.

In 2005 Anne broke with Emi. For several reasons. And for several years studies and a little child took up most of her time. But all this time she frequently visited her home studio on the attic. The number of songs on her MAC grew, the same did Annes longing to make musical comeback. She decided to make a new album and take up her musical career.

Ironically she was invited to join the melodi Grand Prix that same week. She made it to Sistesjansen with the song “A little More” and got to ride the musical carousel again. After MGP she started making her new album in ASAF Lydstudio, outside of Bergen. She describes the time in the studio as one of the best periods of her life.

- We had a great time in the studio. I learned a lot about arranging songs from Daniel Hauge. We workes irritatingly closed, sometimes nothing worked, and sometimes it felt like magic. We played with sounds and instruments and found our own ways. We also had a bunch of great local musicians sharing their ideas and genious. Altogether this album is much more “me” than my first album, Anne says.

Standing on her own with her own record company Anne is now ready to enter the spotlight again.

- I am really proud of this album. I cant wait to have people listen to my music, and I hope that I can touch people with my lyrincs and songs.

“The bubble burst” has to be tasted. Anne Hvidsten has something to tell you. Be prepared for strong scenes and tears when she lets her bubble burst.