From: Canada

Pop, Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening/Classical

Angelica (Angela Johnson) is a Canadian pianist, singer-songwriter, composer and producer, with 4 Cd's of original music available in stores worldwide, both in the pop and classical music genres.

Angelica's music combines contemporary vocal melodies and harmonies (original music & lyrics) with classical piano accompaniment, orchestra, electronic sounds, rhythms, and dance music.

Angelica has toured for several years entertaining on cruise ships, singing and playing the piano with a repertoire of over 3000 songs, in all styles of music. Angelica's shows have ranged from performing primarily as a soloist in telethons, recording studios, cruise ships, festivals, showcases, hotels and clubs, to sharing the stage with orchestras, bands and other solo artists. Watch for Angelica's live performances and purchase, or stream her Cd's on the social media sites.

Angelica's CD's: "Dreamland Awakening"

"Magic's Mystery"


"World Of Dreams Thirty Piano Pieces"

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