Andy Creeggan (born Andrew Burnett Creeggan on July 4, 1971 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) is the former Piano player, percussionist and occasional guitarist for the Canadian pop band, Barenaked Ladies, from 1990-95. He is also a member of the trio The Brothers Creeggan, and a solo artist having released three albums.


Barenaked Ladies:

Creeggan, along with his brother Jim, were invited by Ed Robertson and Steven Page (then performing as Barenaked Ladies as a duo) to play a Christmastime club show with them in Toronto, with Andy playing conga drums. The two were then invited to join the band. Only six months later, at the beginning of the summer of 1990, he went on a student exchange trip to South America. While he was gone, the band met drummer Tyler Stewart, and invited him to join the band.

Creeggan returned at the beginning of 1991 to find Tyler having taken his percussion role. He switched over to keyboards (still playing congas on a few songs) and a few other occasional percussion and musical instruments. He played on two of the band's early demo tapes, Barenaked Lunch (before he left for South America), and the The Yellow Tape (after he returned). He also played on the band's albums Gordon, and Maybe You Should Drive.

Creeggan was never completely comfortable being in the band, and wanted to continue his education in other musical areas. According to Steven Page, "Andy had considered leaving the band as early as the rehearsals for the latter album, but was convinced to stay for the recording and tour." After that, Creeggan left the band. They recorded their third album, Born On A Pirate Ship, without him, and following its release, asked Kevin Hearn to replace him for the tour.

The Brothers Creeggan:

The two Creeggan brothers also had their own writing interests (Barenaked Ladies music mostly coming from Page and Robertson) and in 1994 released an album titled The Brothers Creeggan. They have since released three more albums, and toured in support of them, but have been idle from touring for several years now. Their music consists mostly of mellow songs fusing light rock and jazz.


Creeggan's three solo works--Andiwork, Andiwork II, and Andiwork III--consist of more contemporary classical, with touches of jazz and rock. The albums are largely instrumental pieces.


Creeggan has a degree in composition from McGill University in Montreal. He is married and has two sons: Oscar and Leo.