From: CA, United States

Classical, Instrumental

The name AnastasiA is greek for 'she will live again'. So why are we so cheerful? Looking at the world, things don't always look that good.

But actually the reality of goodness and cheerfulness is much bigger than what we call 'the real world'!

This was proved by someone. Not by an experiment - by their whole life. This person lived a different way than the whole world. He lived by trusting in goodness, instead of evil and fear. Because of that, he did strange, impossible things and helped everyone!

But then the final test came. To see if this way of life was greater than all evils in the world. Rulers executed him for no reason.

His death came as he took the poison of evil that we made. It is sad.

But this was not pointless! He 'lived again'. And when his death broke, so did ours. Our old failures and evil from the past can be a new beginning!

Romans 10:9 (kind of)(well, in Pollyanna-ish)

Once you realize that God returned his son the Rescuer from death, and declare him as your king, you're swept out into freedom. You are someone new!