From: Italy

Genre: Pop

2011: First Ep "Amelie" with 7 Songs

2012:Song "Col naso all'insù" win the grand prize at "Premio Lunezia" as best Song.

2012:Videoclip "Come si fa" Win Grand Prize at "Mompeo in corto" as best indipendent Videoclip of the Years

2014: Album "il profumo di un'era" with 13 Tracks

2015: Exibition at EXPO 2015 (Milan) as One of the best Indipendent Project for the Album "Il profumo di un'era"

2015: Album "Il profumo di un'era" Win "Targhe d'autore" as One of the best Indipendent Album of 2015.

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  1. Il profumo di un'era

  2. Ti ho ucciso con un click

  3. Come si fa

  4. Messaggi
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