From: MI, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic

Alien Inquisition is an experimental, psychedelic rock duo from Detroit. They take an unconventional approach to song writing, using atypical song structures and darkly poetic lyrics to produce a driving and enticing sound. Alien Inquisition successfully and creatively tackle psychedelic and experimental rock in a way that continually leaves listeners wondering how a two-piece band can create such a huge and rich sound.

In 2009, Alien Inquisition's debut video for the song “'Cause I F___ing Will” premiered at the Mid-Summer Con in Detroit. It also aired on the Wolfman Mac show on channel 20 in 2010. The video garnered Alien Inquisition a number of exciting live performance invitations from event promoters and show organizers. They also came in 2nd place in two major-label sponsored online competitions: the “Play Mayercraft” competition sponsored by Ernie Ball, and the “Your Next Record with Slash” competition sponsored by Guitar Center. Another goal achieved by Alien Inquisition in 2009 and 2010 was having two of their singles published in iTunes, which won them glowing reviews for the the song “'Cause I F___ing Will.”

Releases by Alien Inquisition include: “One Way Mirror" (2007); “Faceless” (2007); "The New Union" (2009); and "The Virgin” (2010). All of their releases are self-produced and self-recorded.

Alien Inquisition is available for touring, live performances, and contract work for film, audio books and video game soundtracks. The band is not limited to playing in the Detroit area and invites requests to play live shows anywhere.

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- - Nadia Matta