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From: KS, United States

Genre: Christian/Gospel, Jazz

I'm a native New Yorker and was raised up on the rhythm of the beat on the streets. With so many diverse cultures in one place hearing so many different sounds was and still is an incredible experience. Throughout the years I've worked with small record labels from New York to Washington state; doing background vocals and live performances. I love all types of music, and find much joy in contemporary gospel. As an artist I find the challenge of spreading the message of hope and love most rewarding. I'm just…

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  1. The Rocks Are Going To Cry Out

  2. Interview with ALGERNON.... Seriously Speaking

  3. When You Can't God Can

  4. Algernon introducing....IT'S THE FLOW

  5. Be Still

  6. Algernon/Still Your Friend

  7. Algernon/Lord I'm ready3
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Sunday, May 09, 2021
Wow hearing this song on Mothers Day as I'm asking her advice to quit drinking and move back to our home area. just wow and a message from above man.