Alfonzo Blackwell (Jazz)

From: NY, United States

Genre: Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz

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#1 charting Billboard Saxophonist Alfonzo Blackwell's sound, music and intensity are instantly identifiable. His songwriting, lush harmonies, arrangements, compositions, live performances and top-notch productions with a keen sense of phrasing and drama, is what has and continues to set him apart.

Alfonzo Blackwell (Jazz) songs
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  1. Alfonzo Blackwell - Power To End Stroke Awards

  2. Freight Train

  3. Alfonzo Blackwell - Take One - NYC Club Remix

  4. Alfonzo Blackwell - A Little Bit Of Sax

  5. Alfonzo Blackwell Alto Sax Solo

  6. Alfonzo Blackwell - Inside My Heart

  7. The Seduction

  8. Human Nature

  9. Funky Shuffle

  10. I'm Free

  11. New York Cafe'

  12. "Baywatch Nights" Theme - Saxophonist Al…

  13. "One Moment Please" by Alfonzo Blackwe

  14. As The Days Go By...
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