Constanta, Romania

Alexandra Stan is a Romanian solo singer. Alexandra Stan was born on June 10, 1989 in Constanţa. She studied at the Lyceum in the city of Trajan and is now second year student at the Faculty of Management Andrei Saguna. She participated in various music-related contests with a notable appearance at the Mamaia Festival section interpretation.

In 2009 she released her single Lollipop also known as Lollipop (Param Pam Pam). Then in 2010 she released "Mr. Saxobeat", which reached most played on Romanian radio for week commencing 8 November. The song reached the top spot of the Romanian Top 100 on December 12, 2010, being Stan's first number one single. Elsewhere, it peaked at number 27 in its second week on the Hungarian Dance Chart. In France, Mr Saxobeat peaked at number 6 in the official single charts. Also in the Netherlands Mr Saxobeat entered the top 40 at Friday 8th of april on number 39 and also has the titel Dancesmash of the week.