From: NJ, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, pop rock, piano based pop rock

NEW CD January 2nd 2012 ON ITUNES!!

With fans on his email list representing 100 different countries Adam Gilbert's piano driven alternative pop/rock is reaching and inspiring people from all over the world. His last album, Fishing For Water received national airplay and 5 star ratings on itunes. His music video, “Break Through Today” from Fishing For Water was aired on National TV in 2009 under FUSE. One review called the song “a modern masterpiece of songwriting with an innovative sense of musical adventure.” Although Break Through Today’s music video is priceless youtube entertainment, Gilbert has a more serious purpose driven side to his music, which is dynamically expressed in his new album, A Generation of Forgotten Kings.

A Generation of Forgotten Kings expands his already unique piano based sound into an honest emotional wave that delivers topics of relevance with undeniable sustainability. Many of the songs grow organically and the resulting sound feels natural, honest and one that can be classified as his own. Intertwined with intimate personal songs the theme of A Generation of Forgotten Kings focuses on core values of accountability, responsibility, love, grace and an outward way of thinking that benefits someone other than one’s self. Rather than providing all the answers Gilbert makes us think about the practical question on the spiritually moving track, “How Do We Respond?” Gilbert also sings in the title track, “A Generation of Forgotten Kings” “Time for us to clean things up and make things anew, cause generations have their test lets see what we can do, lets see what we can do!” The sense of urgency from crowd like soccer chants layered with charged up drums in every chorus gives this track a true global feel. A Generation of Forgotten Kings comes to us in a timely manner with the fall of dictatorships, political disconnect and economic challenges. Gilbert says “The title is inspired by the greed of those who lost focus of what’s important. The future is important, the next generation are the kings and queens of tomorrow, we must be role models who lead selflessly. My hope is that some of these songs impact people in this manner so we can grow in such character.”

“I’ve worked hard on this album for three and a half years, I put everything I have into it and am so thankful to the talented musicians and encouraging friends who made it possible.” Like his last CD, it is another breath of fresh air where every single song is quality; carefully crafted, orchestrated and placed with a sense of purpose. In some songs we get to know Gilbert personally, but more importantly we get to know that his broad ideas and goals go beyond his own success, which makes A Generation of Forgotten Kings a significant piece of music for many years to come.