Abraham Cloud
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Psychedelic, Indie

Lyrically inventive storytelling from a modern apartment-dwelling perspective

Abraham Cloud is an urban storyteller with a unique perspective and a gift for melody. Addressing predominantly homeless and shiftless themes, Abe's stories are detailed narratives told from a first hand point of view.

From the Salinas Valley of Northern California, to the streets of Los Angeles - raised on the stories of Steinbeck and the music of John Lennon, Abraham Cloud has a story to tell. In many ways reminiscent of…

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  1. Everybody's Doin' Better Than Me

  2. It's Waiting Patiently Outside

  3. Why Try ?

  4. Bus Exhaust

  5. Ideal Employee #743

  6. A Little Livin' Left To Do

  7. A Dog Called Man

  8. Cigarette Bar

  9. Ideal Employee #743

  10. I Have A Car

  11. Monopoly

  12. Breathing...by the light of the moon

  13. An American Bum

  14. Never Ask Why

  15. Anytime You Walk Into The Room

  16. Norma McCall

  17. Let's Make Love On The Floor of the Liquor Sto…

  18. Let's Make Love On The Floor of the Liquor Sto…

  19. Another Successful Breakfast

  20. When You Go Down
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