Aaron Alter
Videos from Aaron Alter
Dark Minuet for Brass Quintet
Videos From Aaron Alter

  1. Solar Rays-CompCord Big Band

  2. Homage to Josquin

  3. Variations on Lo Lanu Ha-Shem (until 11:55)

  4. Aaron Alter Interview-Weltklassik YouTube Channel

  5. String Theory (please advance video to 44:00)

  6. Lo Lanu Ha-Shem (Psalm 115), West Coast Premiere

  7. Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry-CompCord Big B…

  8. Dark Minuet for Brass Quintet

  9. Lo Lanu Ha-Shem (Psalm 115)

  10. Together We Create and Sing (inspired by Haydn)

  11. Toccata-Variations on a Theme by Charlie Parker

  12. For Fred for violin and piano

  13. Introspective Blues #1 for flute and harp

  14. The First Day of Summer (until 8:10)