From: Germany

Metal, Noble precious Metal

As an experienced musician Chris Jamie Marino alias Angelwarrior Ace knows

exactly what he wants: Metal – hard but multifaceted. Raw powers mixed with

catchy tunes and unbelievable strong vocals. He also delivers his very own genre

and named his style “Noble Precious Metal”

If musical experience was the currency in the music business, the walls of Chris J. Marino alias

Angelwarrior Ace would probably already be plastered with gold records and prices. As a metal fan

and musician from the beginning of the 1980’s, he gained experience in the studio and on stage

with different bands and styles such as Rock, Hard Rock, Melodic, Power, Death, Thrash, Speed and

Progressive Metal. After more than three decades in the business, a brief revival of the band

Scarlatyna and other rather unsatisfactory band projects, by the end of 2015 the musician from the

area of Frankfurt was finally sure: He had to start his own music and solo career!

There was too much creative energy raging through his veins to be ignored. So he walked out of his

past and disappointments and turned it into raw power and creativity for his own music.

As Angelwarrior Ace he is now ready to inspire his listeners and all the Metal fans. His straight,

brave and strong sound is ready to conquer every unique Metal heart in the world!

A mixture of a sovereign, unfussy metal, finished with an extra portion of power and unbridled

pace, garnished with provocative notes. Precious Metal or "NOBLE PRECIOUS METAL" he calls the

artistic drawer he created himself. And his music is just like precious metal: hard, versatile and


Creative independence and passion for his own art are most important for Angelwarrior Ace and

these values are also reflected by his debut album “Magic” which offers 15 varied tracks inviting to

a musical ride of strong Heavy Metal! Kissed by a gloomy muse.

He  created his 3 Albums, MAGIC, NOBLE PRECIOUS METAL and "VENGEANCE OF STEEL" from end of 2016.

Mystical melodies combined with hard hitting double bass rhythms that make the heart of any

Metal fan beat a little bit faster and are an irresistible invitation for headbanging. Nestled in the

darkly fantastic mood that is also reflected by the cover artworks, A must for any fan of

Metal at its best. Angelwarrior Ace is proud to create his own modern, true, magical and unique sound.

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