Electro asteroid

From: Sweden

Genre: Dance/Electronica, Electro, Experimental

This is experimental electro music.

Nebulosa lyrics is about travelling in space experiensing difficulties. Lyrics in "Lost out in deep space" is about Quantum physics.

Everyone listening to Electro asteroid is our friend, and we hope that you will remain our friend even after listening. The next track Electro asteroid team is making right now is called "Night Hawk" Electro asteroid

is very slow, so it will not be finished before autum.

Love, peace & understanding from Electro asteroid.

Electro asteroid Comments
M├╝nchwilen Switze…
Sunday, January 17, 2021
Great song Electro Asteroid! Thank you for sharing your Art. Hope you create a page so people can follow you and receive updates. Regards from Switzerland, Nimakarpo Dharma

Monday, March 16, 2020
sweet sounding!!! ;-)