Markus Rüeger (singer/songwriter)
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From: Switzerland

Genre: World, celtic,folk, singer/songwriter

Markus Rüeger, 25.1.1956, is a swiss singer/songwriter with his roots in the Rockmusic of the 60-ties and in the folk-scene of the 70-ties.

He‘s been a constant member of the swiss folk sceen for the past 40 years and been moving solo and with bands around Switzerland and Europe for many years.

Markus is a great singer and guitar-player in the first place, but he plays all kind of other folkinstruments aswell.

He‘s got a strong connection to Ireland having lived there for some times and in 1980 he d…

Markus Rüeger (singer/son… Comments
Thursday, March 31, 2016
You have a voice that evoke mystical times and places. This song feels at once friendly and alien. I really like it!

Kestell Kestell
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Love the laid back tunes

Saturday, November 14, 2015
brilliant - love it

Frankfurt Am Main…
Monday, November 02, 2015
Sehr leidenschaftlich

Sunday, October 25, 2015
feels like flying, good melody, thanks