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From: CA, United States

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Sleaze Rock

SNEW is an American hard rock band. The band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2005 by frontman Curtis Don Vito and guitarist Andy Lux.

SNEW’s much anticipated 2018 fourth album is titled “You’ve Got Some Nerve”. Recorded in the Hollywood Hills and produced by Bobby Owsinski, engineered by Grammy winner J. J. Blair. This is perhaps the bands most ambitious work to date. SNEW even includes a live horn section on two tracks. The album kicks off with the Ultra Catchy and Rocking “UR Freaking Me Out” whic…

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United States
Thursday, April 02, 2009
nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

United Kingdom
Thursday, April 02, 2009
sorry heard before nothing new but you sound tight

Esbjerg Denmark
Thursday, April 02, 2009
this rocks big time

United States
Wednesday, April 01, 2009
pretty good i like

United States
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
no no no