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From: MN, United States

Genre: Country, Pop, Rockin'Roll

Hello! All Friends & Fans & Fans To be* At Radio Airplay/My Jango music*Radio Station*

Hi* I'm Stephan aka'chucknors'Stenzel USA* Grew Up Just 30 miles North West, One Mile East of Freeborn,MN~of Where The Music*Died Shortly After Performing At The Surf Ball Room! That Fateful Early Morn' Approx. 1:42 am~Feb.3rd 1959 Just Minutes After Take Off from Clear Lake Iowa In A Snow Storm & Dark,They Were To Fly nearly Directly Over My Daddy's farm one mile east of freeborn,Mn. I was only 6 ~ On there Way to F…

Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel songs
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  • Between an Old Memory an Me! TravisTritt style bySteve Stenzel akaStephanchuckors'

  • Drift Off To Dream! TravisTritt Style bySteve Stenzel akaStephanchuckors'

  • Lookin' Out for Number One! TravisTritt Style bySteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'

  • HelpMe Hold On! TravisTritt Style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephanchucknors'

  • Together Again!BuckOwens*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • I Don't Care!(Just as Long as...BuckOwens*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Excuse Me,I Think I've Got A heartach~BuckOwens*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Sam's Place*BuckOwens Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • City Lights*RayPrice*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • For the Good Times!RayPrice*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Before You Go' Buck Owens StylebyStephan'chucnors'Stenzel

  • Silver Bells*Elvis style bySteve Stenzel akaStephan'chucknor..

  • If I Get Home On Christmas*Day! Elvis*style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor..

  • White Christmas*Elvis style by Steve Stenzel akaStephan'chucknors..

  • I'll Be Home For Christmas*Elvis style bySteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknor..

  • On A Snowy Christmas Night*Elvis style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor..

  • The Wonderful World of Christmas*Elvis style bySteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknor..

  • Now And Then there's A Fool..Elvis*style bySteveStenzel akaStephan'chucknor..

  • Loving You! Elvis*style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor..

  • Known Only To Him*Elvis style bySteve Stenzel akaStephan'chucknor..

  • Who Am I~Elvis*style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor..

  • We Call On Him*Elvis style~bySteve Stenzel akaStephan'chucknor..

  • The Last Farewell~Elvis*style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor..

  • Mystery Train(TigerMan) Elvis*style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors...

  • Love Me Tender! Elvis*style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor...

  • Kentucky Rain~Elvis*style bySteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknor...

  • Where Could I Go But to The Lord~Elvis*style by SteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknor...

  • Walk A Mile In My Shoes!Elvis*style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor...

  • Tell Me Where Did They Go! Elvis*style by Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknor...

  • My Way~Elvis*style by SteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknor...

  • Love Me Tender! Love...Elvis*style bySteveStenzel akaStephan'chucknors...

  • What Now My Love! Elvis*Style by SteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknor...

  • Memories!Pressed between th...Elvis*Style by SteveStenzel aka Stephan'chucknors...

  • Let it Be Me!~Elvis*Style bySteve Stenzel aka Stephan'chuckn

  • Why Can't Every Day! Be like Christmas*Elvis Style Steve Stenzel

  • It Won't Seem Like Christmas*Without You! Steve Stenzel Elvis*Style

  • One Day Left To Live! by Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel(Sammy Kershaw Style)

  • Back When I knew It All~Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Hillbilly Shoes! by Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • DIDN'T I ~ By Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel(Eddy Montgomery style)

  • The Jukebox Played Along! by Steve Stenzel akaStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Some Times I Get Lucky And Forget! by Steve Stenzel akaStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Still Lovin' You! by Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • When You Love Someone! by Steve Stenzel akaStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • If You Ever Come This Way Again! by Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • My Haunted Heart~by Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • DANIEL~Elton John Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Gimme Back My Bullets~LynrdSkynrd/By Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • What If JESUS Comes Back Like That!~Collin Raye Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Home!~Joe Diffie Style By Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • AMERICA Your Beautiful To Me~ by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • The Needle And The Spoon!~LynrdSkynrd Style Be Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Tuesday's Gone!~Gene Watson Style By Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Climb Higher!~Gene Watson Style By Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • This Dreams on Me!~Gene Watson Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Sweet Home Alabama~LynrdSkynrd Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Shine From the Mountain~Gene Watson Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Ballad of the Green Berets~By Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Between This Time And the Next Time~ By Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • The City! Gene Watson Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • JESUS IS ALL I NEED~Gene Watson Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • AMERICA~WaylonJennings Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Nothin' Sure Look Good On You!~Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Merry Christmas Baby*Elvis Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Have You Ever Been Lonely~Ernest Tubb*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • It's Been So Long Darlin! Ernest Tubb*style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • North To Alaska~Johnny Horton*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Pretty Paper*Pretty Ribbons...Roy Orbison*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • An Old Christmas*Card-Jim Reeves*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Merry Christmas*Strait To You! George Strait*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Christmas* Time In TEXAS* George Strait* Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • White Christmas*Elvis~Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Santa Claus is Back in Town! Elvis*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees! Elvis*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Merry Christmas*Where Ever You Are! GeorgeStrait*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Santa Claus and Popcorn~Merle Haggard*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • What A Merry Christmas*This Could BE~GeorgeStrait*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Your Thee Only GoodThing That's Happened To Me! Jim Reeves*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Red Rose From The Blue Side of Town Jim Reeves*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • From A Jack To A King! Elvis*Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • He Touched Me! Elvis*Style by Stephanchucknors'Stenzel

  • R

  • Have I ToldYou Lately That I LoveYou! Elvis*Style by Stephanchucknors Stenzel

  • Are You Lonesome Tonight! Elvis*Style by Stephanchucknors Stenzel

  • You Give Me Fever! Elvis*Style byStephanchucknors Stenzel

  • Can't help falling In Love With You'Elvis*Style byStephanchucknorsStenzel

  • I Can't Help it If I'm Still In Love WithYou~HankWilliamsJr Style byStephanchucknors'Stenzel

  • Old Habits~HankWilliamsJr Style byStephanchucknors'Stenzel

  • Eleven Rose's~HankWilliamsJr Style ByStephanchucknors'Stenzel

  • The Little GIRL*JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl ByStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Country Thang!!JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl ByStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Nothin'Catches JESUS By Surprise!JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl ByStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • How Was I ToKnow!JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • I Swear!JohnMichaelMONTGOMERY Styl byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Nickels And Dimes!JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Hold OnTo Me~JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Angel InMy Eyes~JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl ByStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • SOLD(The GrundyCounty AuctionIncident~JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Heaven Sent Me YOU! JohnMichaelMontgomery Styl byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • BLUE ANGEL*RoyORBISON Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Pretty Woman!~RoyORBISON Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • I'm Hurtin'~RoyOrbison Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • I Drove All Night!RoyOrbison Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Ride Away!RoyOrbison Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Only The Lonely!RoyOrbison Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Blue Bayou~RoyOrbison StylebyStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • I SAW GOD Today!~GeorgeStrait*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • As Far As It Goes!GeorgeStrait*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • HonkyTonkville*GeorgeStrait style byStephan'ChuckNors'Stenzel

  • Famous LastWords Of AFool~GeorgeStrait*Style byStephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Waitin' In Your Welfare Line! BuckOwens Style

  • It Takes People Like You (to make People Like Me! BuckOwens Style

  • Big In VEGAS! BuckOwens Styly

  • Before You Go! BuckOwens Style

  • Act Naturally-BuckOwens Style

  • CRYING! ~ Roy Orbison Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Would These Arms Be In Your Way...Style KeithWhitley by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • The Birmingham Turnaround!~KeithWhitley Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • Some Old Side Road~KeithWhitley Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • Brotherly Love~KeithWhitley Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • More Than You'll Ever Know~TravisTritt Style by Stephan

  • Country Ain't Country No More! Travis Tritt Style byStephan

  • Put Some Drive InYour Country~TravisTritt~Style byStephan

  • Can I Trust You With My Heart~TravisTritt*Style by Stephan

  • Amarillo By Mornin'~GeorgeStrait*Style byStephan

  • The Cowboy Rides Away! GeorgeStrait*Style by Stephan

  • Blue Side of Lonesome~Jim Reeves*Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • Welcome To My World~Jim Reeves*Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • Four Walls~Jim Reeves*Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • Distant Drums~Jim Reeves*Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • I'm No Stranger To The Rain~Travis Titt*Style by Stephan aka'chucknors

  • I Believe~Elvis Presley*

  • You Asked Me To~Waylon Jennings*Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • Clyde~Waylon Jennings Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • The Eagle*Waylon!Style by Stephan'chucknors'

  • A Workin' Man Can't Get No Where Today!~MerleHaggard*style

  • The Fightin' Side of Me-MerleHaggard*Style

  • From Graceland To The Promised Land~MerleHaggard*Style

  • In My Next Life!~MerleHaggard*Style

  • Are The Good Times Really Over For Good~MerleHaggard*Style

  • Jesus Take A Hold~Merle Haggard*Style

  • America*First~Merle Haggard*Style

  • UnWound!~GeorgeStrait*Style

  • King Of The Mountain!~GeorgeStrait*Style

  • The Cowboy Rides Away!~GeorgeStrait*Style

  • What's Goin' On In Your World~GeorgeStrait*Style

  • I Cross My Heart~GeorgeStrait*Style

  • Night Life!~RayPrice*Style

  • Soft Rain!~for thee Angels All Cryed~RayPrice*Style

  • She's Got To Be A Saint!~RayPrice*Style

  • SHINE!!~Waylon Jennings*Style

  • Luckenbach Texas(back to the Basics of Love*Waylon Style

  • Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line!~Waylon*

  • The Wurlitzer Prize!(I Don't Wanna Get Over You)~Waylon*Style

  • Don't You Think!~WaylonJennings*Style

  • Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way!~WaylonJenning*Style

  • Man In Black~JohnnyCash*Style

  • Big River~JohnnyCash*Style

  • Hey Porter!~JohnnyCash*Style

  • San Quentin~JohnnyCash*Style

  • Ghost Riders In The Sky!~JohnnyCash*Style

  • God's Gonna Cut You Down!~JohnnyCash*Style

  • Thanks A Lot!~Ernest Tubb*Style

  • I Guess I'm Crazy For Lovin' You!~Jim Reeves*Style

  • Waltz Across Texas With You~Ernest Tubb*Style

  • SOLDIER'S LAST LETTER~Ernest Tubb*Style

  • Missing In Action!~Ernest Tubb*Style

  • It's Been So Long Darlin'~Ernest Tubb*Style

  • I'm Walkin' The Floor Over You~Ernest Tubb*Style

  • I Won't For Get You~Jim Reeves*Style

  • I Love You Because!~Ernest Tubb*Style

  • Somebody Bigger Than You! And I~Elvis Presley*Style

  • Don't Close Your Eye's~Keith Whitley*Style

  • Tell Me I Was Dreamin'~Travis Tritt*Style

  • I'm No Stranger To The Rain!~Keith Whitley*Style

  • Anymore! Travis Tritt*Style byStephan'chucknor'Stenzel

  • Walls Can Fall~GeorgeJones*Style

  • Our Bed of Rose's~GeorgeJones*Style

  • Your Heart Turned Left(An I Was On Right!) GeorgeJones*Style

  • Walk Through This World With Me~GeorgeJones*Style

  • Still Doin' Time~GeorgeJones*Style

  • Things Have Gone To Pieces~GeorgeJones*Style

  • He Stopped Lovin' Her Today~GeorgeJones*Style

  • A Good Year For The Rose's~George Jones*Style

  • Tennessee Whiskey~George Jones*Style

  • If I Lost You!~Travis Tritt*Style

  • Love of A Women!~Travis Tritt*Style

  • Something Stronger Than Me!~Travis*Tritt Style

  • More Than You'll Ever Know~Travis Tritt*Style

  • I'm A Gonna Be Somebody!~Travis Tritt*Style

  • Can I Trust You With My Heart~Travis Tritt*Style

  • Funny How time Slips Away~Elvis*Style

  • Always On My Mind-Elvis*Style

  • A Big Hunk O'Love-Elvis* Style

  • How Great Thou Art*Elvis Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzsel

  • Fool You Only Had to Love Her! Elvis!Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • A Picture of Me Without You~George Jones Style by Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel

  • Night Life

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