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From: PA, United States

Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative

How to create 47 minutes of music and entertainment in just four short years!

Well, if all goes as planned, you’re listening to the CD (and from here on, I’m gonna call it a record), as you read this. (and just a little piece of advice, for best results; listen to the “record” turned up loud, in its entirety in one sitting, while enjoying your favorite adult beverage!)

Ok, we got that out of the way, so back to the subject at hand.

After a pretty successful run in the “tribute band” circuit, I realized, to take it to the next level, not only the rarity, but also the necessity of a songwriter. (they would be the some what eccentric people with the original, creative ideas, that live among us, but are often very hard to find) I also realized I F’n knew one.

With out going through the whole, this one played with that one, who knew the other one, who’s brothers best friend once sat in with this one. For the sake of this piece, we’ll just say I realized I knew a talented songwriter. So I called him. I said “I have a drummer, wanna make some noise”?

Yes! (that’s how Phil answers the phone, even if he calls you!) Oh! Might have forgot to mention the songwriter I knew (I guess maybe “know” would be more accurate, but we spent a fortune already, and at this point can’t afford an editor!), was Phil Gorlaski! So Phil, Mike Morelli, and I got together kinda late one night at what had become a cold, water damaged, and damn near abandoned band room I had left over from the last project I had been a part of.

After a half hour or so of getting all the equipment back in near working order, Phil kinda laid out the changes, and we ran through a bunch of his songs. It was great! The songs just flowed. The changes were natural and just kinda kicked you in the face. Three guys, who for all intensive purposes never played together, ran through no less then six or seven of Phils original songs, start to finish. It was great, there was an amazing energy! For me, music just became fun again!

One song stood out to me that night though. It seemed to have a real commercial feel to it, but still had a coolness all its own. That song was “Free”. So, in an effort to show we “had game”, we decided to immediately record it.

Ugg! Recording. I knew a guy. A guy with a recording studio, who had several recording and producing credits, along with playing, engineering, and all kinds of other cool stuff on his resume! So we headed down to GEO sound in the Tacony section of Philadelphia, and recorded “Free”.

Cool experience. George is great. Travel and set up sucks! We also recorded a version of “Who are You” with George.

Then we thought; modern recording has only really existed for fifty years or so? And, a majority of that was done with “the meter running”. In other words, this studio time is costing us a fortune, lets get done as fast as we can! So, being the “out of the box thinkers” Phil and I are, we had an idea; We’ll build our own studio! Genius! I had some space in a commercial building, so we set out to build a studio!

When I say “build a studio”, I’m not talking oversee a project. I’m talking, learn a ton of stuff about sound proofing, acoustics, and materials. Hoisting these materials to the third floor with an impressive pulley system, and “building” (I may have forgot to mention that in another life, Phil was a gifted carpenter), but I mean building a studio.

Then there’s equipment. Every engineer seems to have their own, unique opinion of what hardware and software is ideal. Getting this stuff to work together and talk to each other (and in some cases, work at all) is every bit of another 4 to 6 week set back!

So now, we have a studio.

We need an engineer. We went through several. Most are legends in their own mind. But I remembered a guy I recorded with a few years back. He was awesome. I tracked him down! Enter Doug Beck, engineer extraordinaire! We got him out, and it all clicked! We found session drummer Andrew Toy, and you’re listening to the result!

Once we were in our studio, Phil and I took over producing responsibilities. Doug Beck, with out a doubt, had his input also. That input played a huge roll in the final product! We did our thing. Brought in all kinds of players, singers, and…, just what ever. We used different mics, pre-amps, recording techniques, what ever we could come up with! We had a blast, and we’re pretty happy with the end result!

You would think that would be it. But then there’s more! The look, the feel, and the content of the album itself! Holy shit! Graphic designers and all that goes with it! The final frontier!

The final mastered audio was approved in September or October 2014, but it’s December and I’m just now writing this! Every little piece. Every picture, every written line, all the written content, the song spacing, the song order. Everything matters.

So, here it is. The songs of Phil Gorlaski, in the form of an album. Played by Slot 55, recorded at Slot 55’s private studio in Langhorne PA, and with a few minor exceptions, produced by myself (Rich Beaumont), and Phil Gorlaski. We had fun making it, and we hope you have fun listening to it! And that, is just how to create 47 minuets of music in just four short years! Listen to the record, and get all your friends to do the same!