Custom radio that plays what you want
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Jango is all about making online music easy, fun and social.

Just type in an artist - and your first station starts playing right away. You'll get the music you want, along with similar favorites of Jango users who share your taste. Customizing your stations further is just as easy. Just add more artists and rate songs that you want to play more or less.

You can also tune in to other people's stations - and they can tune in to yours! In your player, you'll see who's listening to the same music as you, who's listening to your stations, and what your friends are playing.

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Launched in November 2007 and based in New York City, Jango is a social music service that lets you create and share custom radio stations. It's the easy way to play the music you want online, legally and free.

With over seven million US unique visitors a month, Jango has grown fast to become the #5 largest music site in the US (ComScore, pageviews, July 09).

Radio Airplay
"Radio Airplay" is a unique music promotion service that gives emerging artists guaranteed airplay on Jango's stations, as "similar artists" alongside the popular artists of their choice. Packages start at as little as $10 for 250 plays. This program gives emerging artists an unprecedented opportunity to be proactively exposed to millions of people who like their kind of music.
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Jango Music Network
The Jango Music Network (JMN) is the world's largest ad network for the music vertical, reaching over 30 million monthly unique monthly visitors in the US alone - a reach beyond that of MySpace Music, Yahoo! Music and AOL Music. The Jango Music Network uses a unique methodology that maps brand preference to musical taste - and uses it to help advertisers target audiences that will be particularly receptive to their brand.
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